This blog has moved

As discussed previously, I planned a few changes to my blog. Well, this Sunday, it all happened.

I moved my blog back to a self-hosted WordPress, but am powering it with Jetpack to offer many of the same features as during the seven months it ran on I am also using the same theme, just have rearranged a few things. The privacy policy was updated to reflect the new status.

The site is hosted at a Germany-based provider that is very open-source friendly. The main server tasks happen on the command line. The most accessible: Text in, text out.

I also managed to transfer the followers acquired with the blog. I also hope to merge the stats with the ones I already gathered with this blog, and which Jetpack remembered because I am using the same domain again.

What did not transfer over were e-mail subscribers that do not use a account. Sorry about that, you’ll have to resubscribe if you want to. There is technically no way to transfer these.

Hoping to get you all on board again with the blog that now moved back to self-hosting. 🙂

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