Web Accessibility Resources

This is a frequently updated and enhanced list of useful web accessibility resources. Check back often for updates and new links!

Development and Testing

  • Color Contrast Analyser – to test the contrast of your text against its background
  • Headings map – A Firefox add-on to check whether your heading structure is logical
  • Tenon – A site and API to check against various accessibilitz criteria. You can use the API to hook into your automated checks in a build process.
  • axe - Web site testing tools and software, works directly in your browser or your continuous integration.
  • Auditing for accessibility issues with Firefox developer tools - An overview of how to use the Firefox developer tools for auditing your web site's accessibility.
  • Learn web accessibility - the introduction to web accessibility found on MDN.

Things you should definitely watch or read

Community recommendations

This is a new section where I list recommendations sent to me in one form or another, but which I haven't thoroughly curated myself. Use at your own risk.

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